Meet Celestial Myrrh

Curious as to who I am? 😀

Celestial Myrrh Lauer everyone. Nice to meet you all 🙂

Creative, but no so creative person. Haha, but I really do love designing. Anything! But … I think my specialization is on Home Designs. You know, putting the shelves here, dragging the window to the left, bringing my dream house in to picture.

And … that is why I consider myself an aspiring Interior Designer. Though I’m not really an ID by profession.

Regardless everyone, I wanna share my designs and tips of course to all that’s why I’ll be updating this blog every now and then.

I really really hope you’ll like my every update. And please stay tuned. Looking forward to meet you all 🙂


P.S. Please do spread the word. Hahaha
P.P.S I also love dogs so so much. Just in case you wanna ask 😉