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We run a family dairy farm in sunny Knoxville, Tennessee. Our Jersey cows are milked and bottled to create our own fresh milk. With our quality, non-homogenized milk, you will find our milk products in countless markets around East Tennessee.

After years of running the dairy farm, we’ve decided to pursue our love of ice cream and make our own. From our humble beginnings, we have grown our reputation for quality ice cream that is enjoyed by all our visitors.

Cruze Farm Girl is not just about dairy but also for the home and garden. In this blog, we discuss all topics that range from homemade recipes to DIY gardening. As avid gardeners, we understand the value of quality tools and techniques that make gardening all the more easier and enjoyable. Gardening has a special place in our hearts as we mix garden tips with home projects.

We aim to provide a sustainable living for both the home and garden. That is where we focus our consideration on developing the best topics and tutorials for our readers.

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