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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Countdown till we are Downtown

(L-R: Leigh, Cristina, Colleen, Jaanki)

It is that time of the year!  We are counting down the days till the Market Square Farmers' Market opens. We really think this is where you have to go if you live or are visiting Knoxville.  The Market Square Farmers Market is Knoxville's gem. Come and see for yourself. You don't have to wait too long.  The Grand Opening is May 5th, but we will be downtown starting April 21 for the Dogwood Arts Festival- Chalk Walk. This is a great event. Artists use chalk and make wonderful work on the concrete of Market Square.     

This is this year's Farmers' Market poster by Yeehaw!  Go to Gay street or Etsy and get you one!  We have ours hanging in the dairy office. LOVE IT and all they do at Yeehaw Industries!

(Farm Truck)
The Farm Truck will be downtown April 21 and April 28 and May 5 through November for the Farmers' Market!  We are pumped! We got new Farm Girls and old Farm Girls excited about serving Knoxville our Farm-Made Ice Cream which is even better this season. Why?..

(Ayaka Nishijima)
You probably know Ayaka by now. She has been living and working at Cruze Farm since May 2011. Well, this Farm girl has learned to churn some delicious ice cream like Salty Caramel, Green Tea, Hot Chocolate, and lately she has been talking about Yuzu.  She is pretty amazing! We have been so lucky to get to know and work with her. Her work ethic is contagious. When she came to the farm and realized how manual most work is, she said "You don't have a machine, I'll be the machine."  She has been so much more than a machine, but a real Artisan (which is actually a word she learned last night). Sadly, her internship has almost come to completion.  She will be leaving us in June. We hope two more Japanese Interns will be replacing her.  But we do not look forward to saying goodbye. :(

  So, what should you expect from us this 2012 Market season. Well, we have 3 new farm girls joining us downtown: Leigh, Cristina, and Hannah!  We also have old farm girls: Colleen, Ayaka, Jaanki and hopefully Frances too!    
You can expect delicious Buttermilk Biscuits!  I absolutely love making Buttermilk Biscuits.  Please come and try one of mine. I put lots of love and lots of buttermilk butter into them.
We look forward to seeing our littlest Farm Girl, Lily!  She is at almost every Market, and she is the official "butter churner."

We also look forward to seeing the Christopoulos sisters.  These girls are free to help us and VG's Bakery while their parents shop. They are great helpers and chocolate milk drinkers!

We look forward to scooping coffee ice cream for our market manager Charlotte!

I think Earl might look forward to squeezing on Shannon of Mountain Meadows Farm who is one of our favorite vegetable farmers. She is a hardworking gal.  I think she might look forward to Earl squeezing her too. Seems like Farmers can always use more lovin'.

We do expect Miss Ayaka to be sleeping to and from Market.  Market season allows for little sleep and lots of work!

We hope to see all our milk drinkers..

and milk shake drinkers too!

And Yes, we will have Mini Cones!

This is our cook Manjit!  He cooks at Foothills Milling Company and the Northshore Brasserie. For the past two years, he has been cooking Cruze Burgers and Benton's BLTs.  This year, we will be serving Knoxville Indian food with a Biscuit!  We are excited, it will be delicious!
We can't wait to see you April 21st!

(2011 Cruze Farm Girls)

and when it's all done, we will be drinking buttermilk all the way home to Riverdale!