Sunday, October 25, 2009


This Tennessee Fall weather is wonderful.

Today, on this lovely Autumn day, my folks and I took a little trip down the road to Asbury. Asbury is the community where my father was born and raised.. just a hop, skip and jump from our dairy farm, but far enough away that my father misses the place he calls "home."

Going home..

My father talks about Asbury everyday.. milking cows in Asbury. Asbury is where he fell in love with milking cows and the idea of bottling milk.

Barn door to the milk barn where he started milking cows as a very young boy..eight years old.

I never knew so many memories could be a wall.

This Oak Tree is about the same age as my father, 66.. he is showing how small it was when he was 8.

We also looked at the spot where the house stood that he was born in.

Back home in Riverdale.

I was very happy to see Harry Pickel made it to church today. Mr.Pickel is my dear friend. He owns the H & H Service Mart in Riverdale. As a child, that was the one place I could talk my mom into buying me some bubblegum.

Mr.Pickel turned 94 this week. Happy Birthday Mr.Pickel!

French Broad United Methodist Church

I can see our cows from the church stairs.. it is nice living so close to church.