Saturday, October 25, 2008

Cruze Farm Milk Information

Cruze Farm Dairy Products
All of our dairy products are pasteurized but not homogenized 


Cruze Farm Chocolate Milk
Ingredients: whole milk,
cane sugar, Forbes premium
cocoa (processed with alkali, dextrose,
carrageenan, salt), real vanilla.

Cruze Farm Whole MilkIngredients: whole milk

Cruze Farm Churned Buttermilk
Ingredients: light milk, culture

Cruze Farm Light MilkIngredients: reduced fat milk (Less than 2%)

Vanilla Milk
Ingredients: whole milk, cane sugar,
vanilla beans, vanilla extract, salt


Our Ice Cream Base is made from un-homogenized jersey cow
 cream and milk, pastured local egg yolks, cane sugar, and salt